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3 Bros 2020 MLB Season Power Rankings

With Opening day for baseball beginning on March 26th, It is now time for the inaugural 3 Bros Sports preseason rankings for the 2020 season! Lets dive right into this!

30. Pittsburgh Pirates

It was quite a tough offseason for the Pirates: trading away Starling Marte for quite less of his value, this team should struggle all season. When ownership has never shown signs of developing the right talent to win a championship, rebuilding will be quite a struggle for 2020. This will be a big year for Bryan Reynolds to prove he could be the face of the Pirates for the future and for Chris Archer to gain trade value again.

29. Baltimore Orioles.

This Orioles team has some young players that have shown some signs of progress. Trey Mancini, Anthony Santander, and Hanser Alberto proved to be solid throughout 2019. Having Jose Iglesias, Chris Davis and Tommy Milone in their 2013 form would have been quite solid, but unfortunately for the O’s, it's not 2013 anymore.

28. Detroit Tigers

While the Tigers may still be far away from being a .500 team, they have added some pieces that can help throughout the season. I love the addition of CJ Cron and the upside of him finally having a 30/100 season and Schoop having a bounce back season. Having backend starters that can eat up innings with Ivan Nova will be nice to have, but this team still lacks a bit of everything. 2021 should be a year we will see results.

27. Kansas City Royals

While Whit Merrifield is now the face of the future for the Royals, the rest of this team is just not ready to compete. Having veterans like Salvador Perez and Alex Gordon are nice, but pitching is gonna be the achilles heel for the Royals. Having Danny Duffy as one of your top two pitchers doesn't scream success by any means.

26. Seattle Mariners

This 2020 season for Mariner fans will not be as bad of a gut punch as last year when starting off 13-3 and falling off harder than our current economy. This could be the year Kikuchi shows he has what it takes to become an ace. Could Kyle Turner increase his trade value this year to finally be moved to a winner? Who knows but this team will be quite inconsistent this year.

25. Miami Marlins

For as bad as the Marlins played last year, they had a quite solid offseason. Adding guys such as Jesus Aguilar, Jonathan Villar, Matt Kemp, and Corey Dickerson will definitely improve the Marlins chances of possibly reaching 70-75 wins if a Kemp-Mattingly reunion strikes gold. This Marlins team may not win much, but you cannot take this scrappy team lightly.

24. San Francisco Giants

The Giants made a bold move, making former Phillies manager Gabe Kappler their new manager. With an aging roster that hasn't been able to produce for the past few seasons, this will be the ultimate test for Kappler to lead this Giants team back to a magical even year season.

23. Colorado Rockies

The Rockies have regressed heavily over the past couple seasons, and having your franchise player wanting out doesn't make things any better. With a massively overpaid and underperforming bullpen, a rotation of guys who lost their touch and a few solid bats, this won't be a fun season in Colorado.

22. Toronto Blue Jays

If there was an award for “Most entertaining team to watch lose 90 games”, the Toronto Blue Jays would take it in a heartbeat. The rotation will be quite solid with the signing of Hin Jy Ryu and Tanner Roark with Matt Shoemaker returning from injury. While this team has the power to get 20 runs in a game multiple times this year, consistency is what will hurt this Jays team in 2020.

21. Texas Rangers

Whenever a team gets a new stadium, a star player will be acquired. This year's star player for the Rangers is former ace pitcher, Corey Kluber. Adding Kluber to a mix of Mike Minor and Lance Lynn will be quite efficient with an above average closer in Leclerc, this Rangers offense will definitely be boom or bust this season. Will this finally be the year Joey Gallo stops caring about launch angles and tries to hit for average? Probably not.

20. Boston Red Sox

Losing a top three player in all of baseball and the best Red Sox player in the past 60+ years is quite tough to bounce back from. Losing the manager who helped the Red Sox win a world series is even tougher to bounce back from. The Boston Red Sox are poised to have a fool’s gold season: stay in the playoff hunt throughout July and then plummet in August and September.

19. Chicago White Sox.

I’m sorry White Sox fans, but this team isn't ready yet. While there has been a lot of hype for the 2020 White Sox with acquiring Nomar Mazara and adding Dallas Kuechel, Gio Gonzales, Yasmani Grandal, Kelvin Herrera, and Steve Cishek , it just seems as too much for the White Sox to handle. While the talent is there with a young nucleus, this team will have massive issues trying to gel with one another. While you can buy a contender in basketball, the results are much different in baseball: take a look at the 2012 Miami Marlins season.

18. Cleveland Indians

This one is quite tough to say as the Indians still won over 90 games last season, but regression is bound to hit. Having someone related to James Dolan as the owner for this team is never a good sign for keeping top-tier players around, this may be the year Lindor is moved for top dollar. This could be the year the Tribe actually shakes things up, looking to build for the future.

17. Milwaukee Brewers

The Brewers had quite the interesting offseason, but this team still could compete. After a heartbreaking wild card loss to the Washington Nationals, this Brewers team is bound to regress. Without properly addressing their starting pitching, Christian Yelich may have to start a few games if the Brewers want to be playing in October.

16. Houston Astros

Almost all baseball fans will be happy to hear this one: The Houston Astros will NOT be making the postseason. After the 2017 allegations came about for the Astros, the Astros decided not to make big moves this offseason, moving Jake Marisnick to the Mets and letting Gerrit Cole walk over to the Yankees is not an ideal offseason. The emotional and mental stress this Astros team will endure for being baseball’s most hated team will haunt key players such as Jose Altuve, Carlos Correa, Alex Bregmen, and George Springer all season long.

15. St. Louis Cardinals

The Cardinals overperformed in 2019 by making it back into the playoffs with a roster that never seemed poised to win over 90 games. While their success was questionable, the Cardinals may regress after losing Ozuna to the Braves, but only time will tell if this team can be able to replicate their success to make it back to October baseball.

14. Arizona Diamondbacks

The Diamondbacks surprisingly stayed competitive towards the end of their 2019 season after trading off Zach Greinke in an effort to tank the season away. With the newest additions of Kole Calhoun, Starling Marte, and Madison Bumgardner to add onto a competitive roster, this veteran led team will be fighting for the second NL wild card spot.

13. San Diego Padres

If there's any year the Padres have to prove to be a legitimate force in the NL, this is the year. The Padres have a young upcoming ace in Chris Paddack, rising stars in Fernando Tatis and Francisco Mejia, current all star players in Eric Hosmer, Manny Machado, Tommy Pham, and Kirby Yates, this team has what it takes. The Padres bullpen should be stellar, which is huge for any NL team, but it's up to this young core to show they can handle the pressure throughout September to make it in.

12. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

This may finally be the year Mike Trout reaches the playoffs after his dreadful 2014 showing against the Kansas City Royals. The Angels pitching staff was improved with adding Dylan Bundy, Julio Teheran, Matt Andreise to the rotation while getting Shoehi Ohtani back and adding Anthony Rendon to a stacked power hitting lineup. By removing Brad Ausmus from the Angels, you can add 10 wins to the Angels record already. Joe Maddon has two top 10 players in the MLB, a young starting rotation, and a reliable bullpen, this will be interesting.

11. Philadelphia Phillies

Many Phillies fans have had tears of joy this offseason once finding out Gabe Kappler was removed from being manager, and being replaced with former Yankees manager, Joe Girardi. Zach Wheeler and Aaron Nola will be scary and same goes to Bryce Harper and the sneaky addition of Didi Gregorius, the city of brotherly love may actually show love to the Phillies once again.

10. Chicago Cubs

The Cubs decided that missing the playoffs mean they don't have to do anything during the offseason. While this may seem as me laughing at them, this may be the right move. Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant will still produce, Yu Darvish and Craig Kimbrel should bounce back from a lackluster 2019 season, there is potential in the windy city. As great as Joe Maddon was for the Cubs as manager, maybe David Ross is what the Cubs needed to fight for the NL central division.

9. Oakland Athletics

The Athletics moved off Jurickson Profar to the Padres and let Blake Trenien walk to the Dodgers, but none of those players leaving shall hurt the A’s this year. While the stadium they are stuck in is quite a mess, the product on the field is the opposite with all the young prospects ready to come out and shine. Only concern for the A’s is their record of failing to perform with high expectations *COUGH COUGH 2014 SEASON COUGH COUGH*

8. Cincinnati Reds

The Cincinnati Reds are back, guys! With an amazing starting rotation, led byLuis Castillo, Trevor Bauer, and Sonny Gray, pitching doesn't seem to be their weakness as it would normally be. When looking at the additions to the offensive side of things, there's much to be excited about with the additions of Mike Moustauskus, Nick Castellanos, and Shogo Akiyama mixed in with Joey Votto, the Reds will make things exciting for the NL Central.

7. New York Mets

The New York Mets had quite an interesting offseason. Losing manager Carlos Beltran before he even managed a game and the ownership limbo, things didn't seem right until looking at their upcoming roster for 2020. With a starting rotation that is down right scary and improved hitting, this Mets team can put up a real fight all year long. The last thing the Mets need to see is Pete Alonso fall off harder than Matt Harvey in 2016.

6. Washington Nationals

While the Nationals won the World Series last season, it is quite tough to lose a top 10 position player in baseball and still have the same momentum going into 2020. While Carter Kieboom may have great potential, he will not be making up for what Anthony Rendon would do so quickly. Eric Thames and Will Harris were great pickups for this Nationals team that shall be in the hunt in October.

5. Atlanta Braves

While losing Josh Donaldson to the Twins always hurts, the young core in Atlanta will continue to thrive this season. With the latest addition of Ozuna to the outfield and Cole Hamels to the rotation, this Braves team has massive potential going into the 2020 season.

4. Minnesota Twins

As a team who won over 100 games in 2019 and used a former Uber drive as their game two pitcher vs the Yankees, the Twins addressed the biggest weakness: starting pitching. Adding Kenta Maeda with Jose Berrios and Jake Odorizzi will be great for a team that also added Josh Donaldson to an already potent offense. Expect the Twins to cruise their way through the 2020 season.

3. New York Yankees

The Yankees opened up the checkbook and got the golden goose of the 2020 winter meetings: Gerrit Cole. While adding Cole to the Yankees annoys all non New York fans, the Yankees are far from being a lock to win the loaded AL East division with injuries already adding up to Luis Severino and James Paxton. If this entire roster can stay healthy, this Yankees team will be something else to watch.

2. Tampa Bay Rays

In a radio interview I was on in 2019, I said the Rays are the sleeper team to win it all that season. While I was wrong on them winning it all, they surprised many and fought the Houston Astros quite well in the ALDS. The Tampa Bay Rays have the magical abilities to put a 12 year old in center field and have him produce like an all star. The Rays continue to be successful while never spending too much money on players. With a starting rotation of Charlie Morton, Tyler Glasnow, and Blake Snell with amazing overall depth in every position, the Rays magic could lead them to a 100+ win season. Even with the Rays moving Tommy Pham, they will get better from it because of some crazy magic.

1. Los Angeles Dodgers

The Los Angeles Dodgers hit the jackpot this offseason, acquiring Mookie Betts and David Price from the Dodgers for Kenta Maeda and a couple prospects. Adding Mookie Betts to one of the most talented teams in baseball will haunt all NL teams this season. It is no surprise to have the Dodgers ranked as number one as they look to win their first world series since 1988 with the best roster in all of baseball.

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