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Big Pick Energy's Gambling Manifesto

From 1998-2006 the Pod Father Bill Simmons wrote a NFL Playoff Gambling Manifesto. This Manifesto as he called it, was a summation of his rules to gambling on the NFL Playoffs. He eventually wrote 5 versions of said rules that he would adjust periodically as called for by natural evolution by the NFL game. It is in this spirit, we bring to you Big Pick Energy’s own rules for gambling. It is well known by us and any of our listeners that we are no bodies. We get it. Why should you trust us? Well, you shouldn’t, not explicitly any way. We will get back to that point in a bit. The purpose of this article is to show you why we do the things we do in the world of sports gambling and daily fantasy. Our show is full of nonsense and shenanigans but the methodology that we use to try and make money in a way that allows us to avoid physical labor, is genuine. We are not telling you that if you follow our rules to gambling you will become rich or even successful, no one can guarantee that in our line of work.

When we started out our show we had a few objectives in mind:

· Entertainment: For some reason people find us funny. We don’t get it, but se la vie.

· Information: The more we talked about sports gambling with our friends we realized it is still a niche area for most clouded stigmas and a history of prohibition. We wanted to help open people’s minds to our favorite way to compound the enjoyment we get out of sports.

· Transparency: We are not gambling Gods. Chris may genuinely believe he is a god of some sort but that is just a delusion of grandeur. We want our listeners to join us on our adventure and see our wins as well as our losses. The times where we hit on long shots or a parlay falls in place are amplified because the countless times we have come just short. If you have interest in this world you need to see it from both sides.

It is with those objectives in mind, I bring to you the first edition of Big Pick Energy’s Gambling Manifesto.

Rule #1: Do not bet on your own team. This rule mainly applies for game to game situations. This is strictly a karma play. You don’t want the juju that results from this. If your team is the favorite, they are sure to lose. If they are the underdog, you are probably biased and overconfident. Either way it’s better to leave them alone. Do we ever break this rule? Obviously, as we are degenerates. Usually, we only break it in a manner that is skirting not straight up defiance. We will play players on our teams in daily lineups and include them in parlays from time to time. However, this rule is a hardline, 100% compliance rule in regards to playoff games. Just. Walk. Away.

Rule #2: Don’t put yourself in a pickle with a book. This is supposed to be fun, never owe anyone money in this game. If you can, use apps or sites that won’t allow you to go into the red. If you’re getting serious about regular or daily bets, set a monthly budget and stick to it. This rule isn’t very whimsical or fun, but we have seen the darker side of this rule. However, the use of the word pickle was solely a homage to a HOF movie, The Sandlot.

Rule #3: Create a personal Taboo List. This is a list of teams/players to not bet against or on. Some of these are self-explanatory, some are from personal experience and some are just superstition.

· Alabama/ Clemson: Just avoid these teams, you’re not going to win a lot of money on them and you’re more than likely going to lose against them.

· Phillip Rivers and Russell Wilson: These are the kings of the backdoor cover. They may lose the game but you will lose money on their spreads.

· MMA: Combat sports in general we tend to stay away from. That world is random and chaotic and I have enough ways to lose money.

· Patriots: This rule is under review. This rule previously had the same reasoning behind the Alabama/Clemson rule. Now, in a post Brady world, we aren’t sure how to gauge that situation. We will keep you updated.

· Trendy picks: Vegas can spot a trend from a mile away and will adjust the lines accordingly. Don’t get caught following the crowd. That leads to Beanie Babies, Razor Scooters and Furbies.

Rule # 4: Betting just to Bet. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re betting on a whim or because you haven't lost any money in a few hours, don’t. Walk away. This is a long term game, take your time and don’t waste capitol. If you don’t feel comfortable, walk away. There are always ways to hedge bets and make up ground in other areas. If you’re desperate or itching for a win, it might be time to find a new hobby.

Rule #5: Don’t be a sycophant. Bill Simmons was the first entity that introduced me into the world of sports gambling. I still listen to his show religiously and will read anything he writes. He has definitely influenced my approach to gambling but that is where it has to stop. Get your information from multiple sources and do your own research. Try to never wage bets just because a writer or podcaster you like says to. I’m sure there is a saying about if someone jumped off a bridge that applies here.

Rule # 6: Avoid Rivalry Games. There are exceptions to this rule, but tread very lightly when dealing with rivalry games. At the very least, think twice about it. In these “civil wars”, emotions run high and randomness usually runs rampant.

Rule #7: Read the fine print. This applies to daily and traditional gambling, but know the game you’re playing. Take your time, and make sure you understand the contest, and the payout structure. Your strategy could vary given these details.

Rule #8: They were who we thought they were aka Dennis Green Rule. A team is an underdog for a reason. Only bet on an underdog when you believe they have genuine chance to win. Don’t be seduced by the alluring odds and the small chance of big winnings.

This list is a working document. We will update it periodically as our fortune dictates. If you have any suggestions for additions please let us know.

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