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Top Three Destinations for Leonard Fournette

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Breaking news has just been reported that the Jacksonville Jaguars will not pick up Leonard Fournette's fifth year option, making him a free agent for the 2021 NFL season, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.

After an impressive rookie campaign and ranking seventh in the NFL in rushing yards for 2019, Fournette still has quite a lot to offer talent wise, but just never seemed to get along with the Jaguars front office.

With Fournette making pitches on live television for Cam Newton to become the next quarterback instead of Gardner Minshew, it seems as if Fournette isn't sold on the future of this Jaguars offense, after dealing with Blake Bortles for two of his three season. While no-one knows how his 2020 season will go and any other moves NFL teams will make to solidify their running needs, here's three possible destinations in 2021 for Leonard Fournette

Number Three: New England Patriots

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Its no secret that the Patriots run game has never truly been dominant, but its time for a future change. Without Tom Brady and no clear direction for the next Patriots QB as the 2020 season hasn't started, establishing a strong power run game with Leonard Fournette would be a building block for the next Patriots era. In 2019, the Patriots were considered below average in their running game, ranking 18th in total rushing yards per game, with many questioning Sony Michel's potential to be a true lead back. While it is quite early to say exactly the direction the Patriots go in with Sony Michel, James White and Rex Burkhead being a free agent in 2021, Leonard Fournette will be a definite upgrade for the Pats.

Number Two: Los Angeles Chargers

The Los Angeles Chargers let Melvin Gordon sign with division rival, Denver Broncos to a two year contract, leaving the main running back duties to Austin Ekeler. While Ekeler has been a promising running back with his receiving capabilities, the main weakness Ekeler has was Gordon's main strength: psychicality. In 2019, Ekeler only gained 557 yards from the ground, ranking 35th among NFL running backs as it is known that Ekeler is a better receiving back. With Ekeler and backup Justin Jackson both being receiving backs and a young quarterback in Justin Herbert, the Chargers need a lead running back to take the load off of Herbert's shoulders, and that's where Fournette fits in perfectly.

Number One: Atlanta Falcons


Many may ask this question: Why would the Falcons even get Fournette if they just signed Todd Gurley for the 2020 season? Hear me out: After our own Brett Snyder interviewed Jeff Schultz, writer for the Atlanta Falcons on The Athletic for our 3 Bros Sports NFL Draft podcast, Shultz stated that Gurley would be best used as a "third-down back", this should alarm many Falcons fans and their run game after releasing their every down back in Devonta Freeman before the 2020 NFL Draft that I've covered the top three destinations for him as well (check it out right here). Regardless, the Falcons have had a tough time facing reality that its time to rebuild, an adding a guy like Fournette makes sense for 2021 if they feel they're close to getting back into the postseason.

While the timing is still early, its always fun to think about possible scenarios for where a back as talented as Fournette will go! Let us know where you think Fournette will go!

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